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About The Houston Business Law Group

about Houston Business Law Group

Welcome.  If you are looking for an attorney for your Houston Texas business, you have come to the right place.

Hi, I am Michael Lightfoot, Executive Director of Digital Law Connection (DLC)* and I want to welcome you personally to The Houston Business Law Group.

DLC connects business attorneys with clients who need qualified attorneys with experience in business transactions, start-up law, business disputes, technology development, consulting services risks, and are available to talk with you and coach you in providing these services.

DLC works with business attorneys, patent attorneys, licensing professionals, and technology operations professionals throughout the state, region and the world, if necessary, to provide the finest legal services possible to meet your particular business, legal needs.

As Executive Director, see attorney profile, I have worked for companies such as Motorola, Inc. (in Texas, New York, Schaumburg, IL_HQ, Boston and in numerous countries worldwide).  I worked for First National Bank implementing technology solutions, and Allstate Insurance Company (then a division of Sears Roebuck) working for Data Security Division and counsel to the Vice President of Information Technologies.  I began my legal career as a prosecutor handling criminal, civil and white-collar crime before entering corporate law and later private law practice.

legal services for local businesses in Houston, Texas

Our goal at DLC is to provide insight, experience, and expertise in business and technology law, to better assist your company in minimizing its legal risks, by advising the company’s officers and board members on any major legal and regulatory issues the company confronts, including:

  • Responsibility for receiving and reviewing legal issues
    • Generated by and during the normal course of business
  • Focused on representing growing technology companies
  • Employment matters
  • Liaison between contracted lawyers and the company
    • Contract Review
    • Policy Review
  • Litigation risks
  • General question and answer

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I welcome the chance to talk to you about your ideas and to discuss all the ways I might be able to assist as part of your team. Contact me about our services today.

*The Houston Business Law Group is sponsored by the Digital Law Connection, a Division of Michael J. Lightfoot, P.C. a Professional Law Corporation (“DLC”) for informational purposes only, is not intended to constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is considered established by merely interacting with any information or services contained on the website, and may be considered advertising under applicable state laws.