Keeping Business Law Simple

Law Services for Houston, Texas Companies

business lawyers in Houston, TXImagine a world where you can have legal counsel, business coaching, and are able to ask any questions from a licensed attorney with an extensive background in technology, for a low monthly service fee.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Our unique model is able to give you that and more. The biggest challenge with having an attorney available is: businesses don’t always need them, but when they are needed, they are very expensive.

We have developed a solution to this challenge: Our Houston Business Law VIP Group. We provide legal services to our VIPs at an negotiated, monthly rate.  When you become a Houston Business Law VIP, you will be assigned an experienced senior business attorney who:

  1. Wants to get to know your business, your technology, and your goals
  2. Wants to have a relationship with the company’s executives & technology team
  3. Will look after the legal aspects of your organization and ensure they are done correctly
  4. Prepares and maintain documents for contracts, patents, loans, etc.
  5. Provides insight, experience and expertise in law, technology, and business
  6. Helps you and your company minimize your legal risks by advising the company’s officers and board members on any major legal and regulatory issues the company confronts, including:
  • Employment matters
  • Contract review
  • Policy review
  • Litigation risks
  • General question and answer

Our unique model is able to provide all of these services for each of our Houston Business Law VIPs.

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The Benefits of Our Program

In addition to having access to an experienced senior business attorney who will handle all the aforementioned areas, our Houston Business Law VIP Group offers reduced hourly rates, one on one consultations, checklists, and other tools only available to group members. By offering a lower rate, the business attorney and our VIPs are able to allocate resources to the relationship without worrying about the time. You will also receive access to our unique NDAMaker® which easily creates customized non-disclosure agreements that will allow you and your team, once signed, to talk to people about your product idea(s) without losing your intellectual property rights.

How Much Does it Cost?

The membership fee for our VIP group is only $300/month and you will receive two hours per month of our time dedicated solely to you and your projects. If you need legal services and you are in Houston Texas, then you should consider becoming a Houston Business Law VIP. Our initial agreement with all of our VIPs is a 6 month commitment.  You are free to terminate your Houston Business Law VIP Group membership after the initial 6 month period has ended. Please be advised that openings to our Houston Business Law VIP Group are very limited. Call now for a free consultation with our senior partner to discuss your current situation and find out more about our Houston Business Law VIP Group: (844) 884-3504.